Season-change in progress! The time has come! 14 months ago, we decided it was time to take ManagerLeague into the new decade. Today, the first step is being released.
A lightning fast interface, no more page-loading, real-time chat, new functionality, a ton of convenience-features, a new look, a far better match-player and a lot of backend rewrites!
More data is being stored, more statistics are available (and more is coming!), unlimited templates, complete control over set piece responsibilities, a new interactive tutorial for new players and much much more.

With such a massive update, it is safe to assume this season-change will take much longer than usual. I will be hard at work with it all day.

I am completly aware of 3 things right now:
- Not everyone will be happy about this huge change. Perfectly understandible.
- It will take time for everyone to adjust, but please trust me when I say it will be worth it.
- There will be technical glitches and visual bugs with such a large update to the game. I will be working as hard as I can to correct issues as soon as possible, and I expect to upload plenty of patches the first week.
Please bear with me and have a little patience, this is not a simple job for a single developer to manage right now!

Finally, I simply do not know just how much time it will take.

I will try to post updates when possible over at our discord server, our facebook-page and our twitter-feed.
Thank you for you patience, I will do my best to not let you down!

- Spinner, developer of ManagerLeague
Winners Season X
Here are some new screenshots from the new version. Click on them for larger versions.
ManagerLeague Screenshot 01 ManagerLeague Screenshot 02 ManagerLeague Screenshot 03 ManagerLeague Screenshot 04 ManagerLeague Screenshot 05 ManagerLeague Screenshot 06 ManagerLeague Screenshot 07 ManagerLeague Screenshot 08 ManagerLeague Screenshot 09 ManagerLeague Screenshot 10
- Spinner